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NOTE:  At this time we are only offering boarding for current LESSON STUDENTS.

Our manager, Amara Packwood, is a full time Professional Equestrian. Along with her successes in the show ring she also possesses a B.S. Equestrian Science and is a certified Equine Appraiser. Amara worked as a veterinary assistant under a top horse vet and is competent in emergency horse care. Her staff has years of horse experience.

At Tally Ho Equestrian Centre your horse will be treated as one of our own. We insist on kind handling and the top care of your equine, you can be assured your boarded horse is in the best of hands when you are away.



  • Full Care Board ~ $650/month

-Horses on full board will receive daily pasture turnout for the full day after their AM feeding when weather allows.

-2x daily feeding with grain and high quality brome hay (additional feed can be added at cost).

-12 x 12 stalls with 2 layer permeable mats (and drains).

-Stalls cleaned daily and lightly bedded.
-Supplement feeding in AM (must be pre-bagged).
NOTE:  At this time we are only offering boarding for current LESSON STUDENTS.

Note: 6 month minimum contract (less than contract available at higher cost) and 1 month non-refundable deposit required (deposit will credit toward last month of boarding if 30 days notice is given). Winter boarding add $25 (Nov-March).



  • Dry lot board ~ $500/month

-Horses live in dry lot, constant water access, round bale.

-No grain, stall or shelter provided.

-Access to facilities.
NOTE:  At this time we are only offering boarding for current LESSON STUDENTS.

Note: 6 month minimum contract (less than contract at available at higher cost) and 1 month non-refundable deposit required.


  • Add-on Options

    • Private turnout additional $150/month (private turnout is only available overnight)

    • Deep Bedding - additional $200/month

    • *Wound care, daily blanketing, holding for vet/farrier, etc available for a fee.

      • Holding for vet/farrier - $25 (adding to a barn appointment only)

      • Blanketing- Not available at this time

      • Bandaging- $15 per bandage, additional $10-$15 if materials are not provided

      • Stalled horse for injury - $200/month


How soon may I move my horse into the barn?
Please call for stall availability. When a stall is available, your horse can typically move in with a 48 hour notice provided all your paperwork is in order (however, we would prefer a 1 month notice). Your horse must be of good health and up to date on all it's vaccinations. Horses being moved from out of state are required by law to have a health certificate issued within 30 days of the move. COGGINS, SHOT RECORD, 1ST MONTH'S BOARD PAYMENT AND 1 MONTH DEPOSIT MUST BE PRESENTED BEFORE YOUR STALL IS RESERVED.

What do I need to bring/sign to move in?

  1. Copy of Coggins

  2. Copy of Shot Record

  3. Signed Boarding Agreement

  4. Signed Hold Harmless for any riders/handlers

  5. 2 buckets (one for water, one for grain- if needed). We require the boarder provide a heated bucket for winter months.

  6. Halter/Lead Rope. (Halter with throat snap and nylon lead preferred)

  7. Wormer. Horses need to be wormed the day (or day before) they are moved into THEC.

  8. A check for 1st month's boarding and 1 month's deposit.

I'm military and plan to be moving, what notice do you require?
A 30 day notice is required for all boarders. For our military families, we request that you let us know of your moving date as soon as possible so that we can plan further ahead to book your stall.

May I stop by/come for a tour?
As THEC is a private facility, for security of our facility and safety of our horses please contact us for a tour. Serious boarding inquiries only, for those who currently own a horse and are looking to board in the next 1-2 months, please.

What disciplines are welcome at your barn?
All disciplines are welcome at THEC- our current boarders are a diversified group of dressage, hunter/jumper and western/pleasure (though anyone else is welcome too!).

Our instructor's focus is primarily hunter/jumper but she has also shown and trained in western events (speed, halter, pleasure, trail, etc), dressage and has some experience with saddle seat and driving.

What type of feed do you provide?
All horses (pasture and full board) are fed top-quality brome hay. Both stalled and pasture horses are fed 2x daily. We feed a 12% protein grain to our stalled horses 2x daily.. Horses with large hay/grain requirements will be charged more then standard board to cover the extra costs, however additional feed is charged at cost.

Will you feed my horses supplements?
We are happy to feed your provided supplements in the AM at no additional charge. If you prefer a feed other then what the barn offers, we are happy to feed what you provide. We ask that all supplements and grain outside of what the barn offers is bagged with the horses' name on it for easy feeding.  

Are the feeding/turnout times consistent?
Absolutely. Horses are fed and turned out (weather permitting) at 9am each morning. They are brought in from turnout and fed at 8pm.

How is turnout done?
Horses are separated by their aggression/playfulness level toward other horses. Overly aggressive horses will have to go on private, night turnout. Horses are turned out for the full day, weather permitting. There are 4-6 horses to each run with a round bale provided (grass on some runs).

Can you tell me more about the stalls?
The regular stalls are 12x12 (temporary 12x24 stalls are available for foaling for additional cost). Each stall has their own electricity outlet and bared front with an open window over the door. Doorways are wide and swing entirely open with a safe latch for closure. The stalls themselves are thick wood on all four walls and tall. Stalls have two layer permeable mats with drains, that allows urine to pass through the mats and drain out of the stall. Stalls are cleaned each day and bedded lightly.

Where can I put my tack?
There is a boarders tack room for tack. Each boarder is assigned a locker and a saddle rack. No tack boxes outside of the locker are permitted.

Do you offer trailer parking?
Yes, trailer parking is free and on the barn premises.

What places do I have to ride?
We have a large indoor and outdoor arena. There are also gravel roads adjacent to the property that can be ridden and several public trails within a short trailering distance.

Do you require riders to wear hard hats?

Everyone is highly encourage to wear a helmet with a harness. Any rider that is jumping or under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet. We are happy to provide helmets for your guests. Guests to the barn that will be handling your horse or riding will also need to sign a hold harmless BEFORE handling your horse.

Do you have routine vet/farrier appointments?
Our vet makes visits to the barn typically every month for routine checks. We have a barn farrier. However, you are welcome to invite your own vet/farrier to the barn for your horse. In case of emergency in which your vet is unavailable we will contact the nearest available vet.

May I ride during lesson times?
The arena in use for lessons will generally be closed to boarders during lesson times, unless there is inclimate weather making the other arena unridable AND permission is granted from the instructor.

Do you offer self-care board?
No, we do not offer self-care board. At this time, we do not allow boarders to work off board in any way.

Do you accept stallions?
At this time we are closed to stallions.

Proud cut or geldings with stallion-like tendencies are also not permitted.

Do you accept mares with foals?
Mares with foals are accepted, a unweaned foal (under 5 months) is an additional $100/month. After 5 months the foal must move to full board. Mares that are being ridden may not have the foal "lose" or "on lead" with them in the arena while other riders are in the arena, foals must stay in the stalls if another rider is present in the arena.

Can I work off my board?
Sorry, but due to our demand for stalls and limited space, this is not an option.

Can you use my boarded horse in lessons?
At this time we do not have a need for additional lesson horses. 

May I invite an outside trainer?
For liability reasons, only trainers that are contracted with us are permitted to instruct/train at THEC.  

What is the "atmosphere" of THEC?
THEC is a very friendly, helpful, and family-oriented barn. We expect all of our clients to be friendly and kind to other clients.

Our group not only enjoys riding together and working together to better the barn but we also hang out outside the barn at various events and dinners. We truly do have a lot of fun and love to add more fun and horse loving people to our group :-)

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